Thursday, August 15, 2013

June 3, 2013

Dear Family and friends,
I don't know if I will be on June 27 is the big day where the mission splits and we saw pics of both presidents and I already sent my profile to the one here so hopefully 'ill stay here but, where ever the Lord wants me is where I will be.
I will let you know it all depends on next transfer so in 3 weeks will determine but ya I have been so much better this week. Elder Smalley and I have awesome talks. But another story for ya so a new convert of three months was at someones shop and they started crying saying they don't have any business and he without a shadow of a doubt although he he is so new in the Gospel said a prayer and said watch you'll get business if we pray. rrrright after he said amen someone came!!! What faith, we all need to have this much faith, the faith of a little child in the Gospel!

so funny stories real quick we gave a sister a blessing of comfort and her sweet little boy whose like 5 put his hands on top of ours while we were giving the blessing, he just wanted to be apart of it!

The soon to be dad of the two getting baptized soon gave me a pink tie and its a gorgeous tie, just because I said I liked it his name. They are so willing to give you anything they have.  He told me I am learning super fast the language. So its coming along and Jose and Carmen they're super kind just like everyone else and gave us these key chains so well remember them and mines from Canada and I was so touched they wanted to give us something so bad. 
love ya'll,
Elder Drew

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