Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 5, 2013

so real quick sorry we had transfers and i have my first native campanion and... he has less time than me hahah i got assigned senior campanion so theres a lil more pressure haha.. But no elder Aragon ya jake his name is from the lord of the rings i thought it was so cool i call myself elder legalis hahah but no he is a really good kid and has a big desire to work so im excited! 
Last week was incredible i was really on cloud nine! in one day i contacted 20 people and that week we had 43 contacts it was really cool i touched the pacific ocean hahah so navolato is almost on the beach altata a little town is to the west which is the beach and ya we had a lesson to teach over there so we went and took pictures haha it was cool but now im in culiacan, a colonia called caƱadas... its 1,000 ° in canada i know right hahaah but no it was really good i got very emotional leaving a few families yesterday especially our most recent convert, he started crying when we were talking to him telling him i was leaving then for about ten minutes he thanked me and bore me his testimony and told me to tell the family if he knew you he would love every one of you and it was the best 10 minutes of my life then we gave each other a very firm hug and i left.  Then i had to leave the familia  who we lived with their sons  wrote me these super sweet letters and it broke my heart leaving!!!! 
I threw up i think from how much i worry it randomly comes i think i might have the startings of ulcers i have no clue quite honestly its only every once in a while but that was a good impression during my first meal here with the hermana haha ya your food was so good i barfed five times hahaha no she was understanding and very sweet she gave me three pills to take to help. 
 I have come so much closer to the lord through prayer it really is the key to the heaven. I am excited i was very excited for the changes and my new district leader is from west jordan he reminds me a lot of randy hes a poly and super funny and riiiiiiipppped hes 6 foot 225 and all rock haha but im excited to work with him. but i dont have much time so ive got to go but ill send more next week i love you all dearly and pray for each of you individually y think about you all often.
Love Elder Drew
No Empty seats
We can do hard things

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