Thursday, August 15, 2013

July 1st, 2013

 Dear Everyone,

  Elder Coombs is awesome we stayed up till 1 the other night talking we get along really well he's such a good guy we were at lunch and he saw an old lady walking, sprints from the table to go help her. My infection was really bad last week, but I went to a doctor and he said I'll have it my whole mission but I can try to control it better, but I was super sick the ratio is 1:1.60 to register as having the infection and I was 1:3.20! But its not horrible we still go out every day its just that i'm super ache and tired but I'm getting shotsin the bum (nacho voice) "its the beeest!" haha

We were eating with a family and I could barely eat with my stomach hurting so bad and so I put down my head just to rest since I was in pain and the grandma started crying she felt bad I was hurting which was so sweet to know that is how much I mean to them! But one miracle we were teaching a lady and she said she prayed and received an answer that she felt very peaceful and super good when she prayed and she was so happy and it was soooooooooo good as a missionary to hear that because that's why I'm here sweating like a... Monkey in a green house hahah and being exhausted with an infection from the food here for people like her.  She has school on Sundays its the only day she takes this class and it so happens to be in the exact same hours as church! So we asked her to see if she could change the date, if not it doesn't end for 8 months and we don't know if the best thing is to tell her to quit it when its probably expensive they don't have very much and she could get baptized after but we will see. But idk part of what makes miracles is that they're not constant so we appreciate them were being completely obedient but ya the lord blesses us after the trial of our faith but we baptized the other sister on Saturday!!! We've been teaching her the entire time I've been here in Mexico and she finally got baptized which was awesome were working with her mom now. But one really cool prompting was we were riding on the other side of navolato and I had a thought to try and stop by a reference from our activity we had. So I went against my doubting like oh it'd be such a waste its all the way across navolato and she might not be there but we went and it happened to be the only day shes home and set a appointment with her for this Saturday and shes pretty interested! Elder Coombs gave a blessing and in it promised that if she stayed faithful her husband would reactivate in the church! So we will see how that goes but were working hard the first week of the transfer is really just introducing them to the ward. Then working in between and I was sick a lot and we had our first conference with President Velez he started last week he's awesome he's a Mexican version of Scott Anderson!!!! He is awesome I'm excited to serve with him
 Love you all so much have fun touring Europe... WITHOUT ME oh so one last story so we were biking back from lunch and see this guy staggering around and I was like elder did you see how drunk he was and he said I'm pretty sure he was just handicapped then right then we hear a thud in back of us and we look back and beer cans are rolling around that fell from his backpack when he fell in the middle of the street haha i definitely won that one.. definitely drunk haha  love yall Elder Hunt

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