Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Dear Elder Hunt,

Mom woke me up on Saturday, and I said, "YES, today I get to get baptized" I was so excited! I will send you pictures of that day. I wasn't sure who I should have baptize me. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But, I decided that I would have Josh baptize, and then Dad and John could be in the circle to give me the Holy Ghost. I was kinda scared that my feet would come up, but Josh said the word's, and then before I knew it I was under the water and then out of the water. I felt so clean and happy. the water was cold.  Then we went to the High Counsel room, where i received the Holy Ghost. The spirit was very strong in that room. All the hands on my head was kinda heavy, but i felt really good.  I just want to try and stay clean now.
There was a talk before I got baptized that explained that the Holy Ghost is like a stop light. Red is that it will warn us not to do something, or tell us not to go somewhere. Yellow cautions us in what we say, do, or see. Green is go, it will give us the prompts to do what is right. I love you so much. I have started getting better and saying my personal prayers, and I always pray for you 2 times a day.
You are my great big TIGER.
Love you,
Abby I'm so happy for your great decision to get baptized and thanks so much for your great example of faith to me!!! I loved your example you shared for the spirit i wrote it down so i can teach that as the example to people. You just taught your brother something knew whose a missionary haha good job! But I remember how good Ifelt after I got baptized and I'm so happy you loved it Abby girl, thanks so much for your prayers. Abby they help me so much in the day, I love you soo much and pray for you everyday with school friends and every way you need!
Love you forever and always 
Your tiger Elder Drew Hunt

November 4, 2013

John has been home for almost a month.
 Advice from me to you....say a prayer, do a fast and look the answer from the lord in the scrpitures. Ezra Taft Benson told us if we want to talk to god we pray if we want him to talk to us we read the scriptures. Most importantly put the lord first and everything will turn out well and youll get your answer.

Everything has been great with Elder Llanos is already one of my best friends in the mission and a great example to me of humility and faith , I am very grateful to be with someone who has the same mindset that I do in the work ! ! We have already said that this week has been the best of our missions. The first night we set a baptismal date and we had a good weekly planning effective and I am encouraged by the good that we will see miracles Mapping our diligence and faith.
Our numbers were low because we had changes Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday I was with Elder Famasili on splits these days because the other elder was bad and went to the hospital, we are all focused on the work.
We have two people who are waiting to get baptized. The man has to stop smoking, and his daughter must receive separate work to receive a house but is very good. Then we have a young man is also getting ready to get baptized and we will continue preparing it by December 16.I'm much better this week and I am encouraged by the work my comp and I are doing.

Haha you guys had snow we had a hurricane yesterday haha and i couldn't fall asleep it was so hot!!!!
Answers to questions... no I haven't had any burritos here. Umm actually burritos are more American than Mexican food it was invented in Sanora the state above Sinaloa where I'm at and it means little donkey the word burrito haha and it got famous in the USA so its more American than Mexican but i still love them!!! I eat beans and tortillas everyday and rice a few times every week my favorite meal would have to be chile rellenos which is a big green chile filled with cheese and meat ask Dad or John and they can take you to get one. That or carne asada which is basically steak. But i love Mexican food I'm starting to gain a little weight back from all the parasites.
My companion Elder Llanos is from the country Chile he is a great friend.  We are señor companions together and president told us he did that so that the area here could take off with lots of success we committed someone to baptism this week he's 14. and he's really excited. But he loves drawing maybe I can have him draw something for you guys! But we have a lot of fun he's learning English and he said "when he was pouring our clothes into the bag I'm puking" I started laughing cuz the way he said it sounded like he said "I'm pooing" then he started laughing to he was super embarrassed!!!

But I love the mission its so amazing everyday I have the chance to make people happy and be grateful for you and my family who make me happy
"Finding faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will help us have the POWER to ENDURE and OVERCOME even the hardest trials in Life"

We are never alone! He has promised angels on the left and on the right, and he never breaks a promise!!!!

( Jakes i'm so proud of you in football and more proud of the young man that you are i love you so much Jakers i love you with all my heart!!! You are such a good person you are so kind and thoughtful so much like Christ!!! You are a hero to me and i miss you like crazy when i feel down i look at the picture of the family and see your handsome smiling face along with the rest of the families and it motivates me to keep on working. )

We are teaching a man, he told us that through teaching him he has hope and direction for the first time in his life of 50 years and hes trying to quit smoking too. Then his step daughter is really cool shes wanting to get baptized but has to get a job to be able to get divorced to get baptized.

But ya so the two that got baptized just moved with their mom to the area right next to ours and Im super good friends with the elders there and they'll take care of them. We got our changes and Elder llanos is my new companion, he was with Elder Famasili  our zone leader. He is from Chile.

This past week has been pretty hard. I have thought a lot about trials from the Israelites wandering for 40 years, to Liberty Jail and  Joseph sold into Egypt, to our Savior and the atonement.  How we are have hard times in our lives.  All I every wanted my whole life was to be the best missionary I can be, then to be a good mormon father like the perfect example I have. and have a great family.
I just feel super humbled when Joseph Smith says "The lord takes us low so he can raise us higher"  just waiting like ok lord any second I'm ready to go up now I know you love us so you give us trials, but don't love me that much ;) 
I'm excited for my new comp,  he's a stud and a super good missionary and super humble! We will have fun I just need to do more spiritual weight lifting  in my study time do like in Alma 17: 4 "search the scriptures dilligently."
here we go week!
I love you all and pray for everyone of you individually! Nos vemos hasta la semana que viene.

Love elder Drewster rooster Hunt

October 21, 2013

To answer your questions..
during the hurricane was the most peaceful day of my mission I just studied,listened to church artist and it felt so good with the wind haha it was a blessing for us cuz we don't have air conditioning. I wasn't his trainer I'm his second companion. 

That makes me so happy that John is home. I miss him and still do like crazy and I've decided I'm hugging you and dad first when I get off the plane then John cuz he is my hero. I love that kid so much I brag about him everyday whenever I can I love him so much just ask Elder Famasili haha I'm always talking about him!!!!

I did get the package thanks so much for the air heads, sweethish fish,garments and the 11 ties everything helped so much especially the garments cuz you sweat enough here let alone with small garments but actually ya if you could send the memory card both of mine got broke by the virus here in computers. cuz i haven't taken pics for like 4 weeks since the virus with my card happened its not the camera the camera is ok i just need to buy another one or see if i can reformat the ones i have.
 k gotta go baptize:) love ya bye

OCTOBER 14,2013

Alright so this week was pertty hilarious I had the best prank I've ever heard in the mission that I pulled on a Elder. (he had got me the week before) Yesterday he asked that I translate his prayer in English so he could do it in the district meeting in English and I said certainly my friend and I wrote the following

"Heavenly Father I give thee thanks to be here in the mission. watermelon. Gluegun hose holy wowzers please bless our investigators and all the missionaries in the name of Jesus Christ amen."  I gave it to him and he laughed. He says he knows English which made me laugh cuz  without a hesitation started the prayer and I totally forgot that I wrote that in the morning so he starts the prayer in the meeting and gets to watermelon and at that time I remember and think  my gosh he really doesn't know any English and he says watermelon and I burst out laughing and after the prayer  the zone leader looking at me like come on man in a prayer than I threw the translation to him and he reads it and buuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrssssts out laughing with his comp uncontrollably and he told me it was the best prank hes seen anyone pull in his whole mission and I'm so proud of myself he called me after the meeting laughing harder than I thought he could laugh. We laughed for five minutes straight as hard as I've ever laughed before I almost threw up I laughed so hard oh my gosh I love this zone leader he's just like randy and he was laughing saying with all the problems you guys have had that just takes the cake hahah it was hilarious and when I explained to the elder after the prayer why I was laughing he repeated quietly "espero ustexd dijo sandilla" haha (wait you told me to say watermelon)  He laughed at that hahaha it was sooooooooo perfect.!!!!

But we have the baptisms of two this Saturday so Im super excited for that but I started crying because I found out their moving the day after the baptism. Their mom is waiting to get baptized with her I'm soo excited cuz this is the first FAMILY I'll have had the privileged to help enter the waters of baptism to partake of our first covenant. 
But I read the letter the boys  dad sent him and the spirit overwhelmed with what a blessing it is to have a family in the gospel or even just a mom and a dad every day when he has to wait to see his the beauty of the plan of salvation was absolutely magnified in the moment in the most beautiful way and I started crying and felt prompted to say that we were going to sing "Families can be together forever" and everyone started crying and i've never cried that hard in my mission before to the point where i couldn't sing it was so powerful. I was so grateful for the miraculous blessing it is to serve others to come to the light. it was an awesome lesson.
 Oh and right after we passed by the stake center and guess who was there for the stake event all of the Navolato teens including my Family cruz who we lived above they started screaming Elder Hunt frantically and it scared me and I turn around and I see hermana Suzzy who calls me seen and she starts screaming "my son"!!!!! SO I run over and start talking to them oh man it was the absolute best!!!!! But this week was really good we taught 36 lessons which was the most in the zone so that was cool to hear especially since all the hard work is helping two people get baptized this week!!!!!
Life is great

October 7, 2013

oksa dokses !! SO haha ummmm... we taught 32 lessons haha I don't get how John teaches 50 that's absolutely nuts!"!!!!! dude but I didn't know James Taylor sang with the Mormon tab choir???? when did that all go down.
  So craziest story I woke up to go to the bathroom the other day at like 4 in the morning I was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper tired and couldn't see very well.. well we have tile floors in Mexico and I started going down the stairs then I finished falling down them and got a huge gash on my leg and arm that looks like the nike sign haha so I just sat there like are u serious! I hurt so bad but I'm to tired to get up so I got up cuz I had to pee and well I went and the next thing I remember was waking up in the bathroom idk if I fainted or was sleep walking but I woke up in the shower!!! haha I thought I died when my eyes opened light came in slowly and I couldn't remember who I was or where I was for about a minute and my arm the next day was huuuuuuge it seriously looked like a baseball I probably should've gone to the hospital but we had a service project and 5 appointments haha but I'm good now lol. 
We have two people that are going to get baptized the 19th and hopefully there mom too. Please put there names on the pray roll. The mom was the last person to leave the conference and the only one to stay during the intermission shes already stalwart and her step dad accepted to be baptized and is sincerely looking for the truth. As we read in Moroni 10 4 he will find it! He doesn't have a date still but he soon will haha but he comes from a ranch that's like an hour away to listen to us and comes to church every week and has for like 4 weeks now. The mom has come for  6 weeks. The 9 year old is so gung ho to get baptized when we took him to priesthood session I lent him one of my name tags and put his name over Hunt on a sticky tab so he wore my tie and came and sat by all the missionaries which was really fun. He loves the book of Mormon and gets mad if we don't start reading immediately when we arrive. but so awesome and his little sister, she is so stinking cute but she was the angriest little girl Ive ever seen for whatever reason she was just always angry but her mom  told me I've changed her cuz I'm the first person let alone missionary she gives a hug instead of a right hook to the jaw haha shes adorable and I was on splits  when the other set went to their house. The next day when we visited them  told me her daughter started crying when the other set of Elders came and I wasn't there she told her mom ekchaño hermano gandote like extraño hermano grandote "I miss the huge missionary" haha so the time after when I came she gave me a kiss on the cheek and a big hug it was so cute!!!!
"I am encircled about eternally in the arms of His love."
~ 2 Nephi 1:15

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

October 7, 2013

(I wrote him about me being bite by a brown recluse spider and breaking one of my toes and getting food poisoned all before John was to come home... this is what he wrote back.. )

 "well at least were not the Hunt family... oh wait "lol remember that from  our neighbor, that they say al least they are not us.  dang im super sorry you broke it.  A brown recluse holy wowzers food poison jaheesh im way sorry!!!! tell me when youre out of the hospital haha. I did get to watch conference.  It was awesome, I understood this one haha the last conference was my first Sunday exactly so that was exactly 6 months in the field.   I printed our a bunch of pics today 40 pics of the family and Jake playing football, Abby in Jake's pads and a bunch more. The members only came to the stake center for priesthood cuz for the others they watch at the Capella in Navolato. But I saw 'Jesus' who I baptized and that was very sweet! Hugging him again and watching him cry as he thanked me and said,"because of you I have found the path to our Heavenly Father." and I said, "well me and my companions" and he cut me off saying, "no you were the one who brought me to Christ, since I didn't want to give up on him." So that was a super good feeling and he started crying after we hugged and he turned around to leave! There were two other families that I saw which were both my favorite families there so it was good to at least see the priesthood but conference was awesome its sweet hearing them teach things your stoked to use for your investigators!

September 30, 2013

 So there was a lot going on....  there was a Hurricane that hit there area and then went north.
so here are some of the things he wrote to us.....

(this was our question to him) We just hear that all the phones were stolen in the Mission Office after the Hurricane? Did you hear anything about this? 

yup haha we weren't part of that it was just one zone
 What did you drink during that time?  Extra bottled water? 
we actually didn't have pure water for three days and running water to shower for four days. haha

Gotta go love ya'll this week really was awesome! We led the zone in almost every number and progressing well, were hoping for 15 investigators at church well... 
 also, I bought Octopus today hahaha