Tuesday, July 16, 2013

June 10, 2013

Baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;D we finally got Juvel and Louis baptized so ill send a pic of that and we had our bishopric change the old bishop is 36 has served since he was 25, so 11 years! So its good to have someone else in. We had 117 people at church which was a miracle but that was with people who don't usually come from the stake and families but compared to the other week when we started with 10 people it wasn't too bad. haha we usually have like 60 but ya super cool. Then we had our plan of salvation activity to get references for us which was awesome the ward was willing to help us out but ill send pics but we had rooms representing the glories and had 37 new people in total which was awesome so were hoping to get more appointments so we can start getting all their references that came but that was awesome Elder Smaller said that's the first time a wards ever done anything that big to help them before which was super cool!

So sometimes its so hot and humid you'll blink and your eye lashes will stick to the top of the skin its nuts haha and you feel glazzed in sweat cuz ya are haha its unreal the heat and it hasn't even started yet in august it gets up to 125 degrees!!!! its crazy, so all of the members call me Elder Impossible like Ethan Hunt the guy in mission impossible I guess haha I never saw it but ya thats fun hah,
hahahaha so another great drunk guy story, so we were talking to a family and their drunk neighbor waddles over, he starts talking to Elder Smalley just having fun with it and the drunk guy starts talking about his bike(elder smalleys) and then gradually starts really wanting it so he starts commanding elder smalley to get off so he could have it and then elder smalley was like no take his his is way faster so i was like ya watch well race and show you mines faster and we almost did it but we both started cracking up then the drunk guy when elder smalley said no again gets this crazy drunk smile and winds back his fist like he was gona hit him but hes this tiny guy, about everyone on the street died laughing im still laughing picturing it in my head just his face of oh so you're not gona give me your bike are ya?!? lol (He didn't even try and hit him)
so at Navolato pizza the nicest restaurant here in Navolato we met a black guy whose half Jamaican half welsh and he's playing here on the prof basketball team but he was super cool and it was so weird having someone yell out to us in English hey what up brah!!! haha and here the cool thing is to have a Carl's junior cup since there are two in Culiacan which is the richest part obviously the more poor parts don't have any so you're super cool if you have a Carl's junior cup some people have em outside like trophies next to their virgin mary shrines.
I have heard from lots of members this mission is one of the two hardest Mexico missions there is which was fun to hear haha,but it was super humbling after church one of the kids Julio was so excited to show me he could do a lay up it was something I showed him at mutual without a second thought but he was so excited to practice it, its just little things like that where he realize how much we really have, or the pic of the super cute little girls that are so excited to see a camera when i took a picture with them we really are so blessed and we don't even realize it!
so I got an ear infection that was exciting haha and my stomach is starting to act up again so idk what the deal is with that elder smalley thinks I'm just having a little harder time than usual adapting to the environment so mom what does that say about the house;) it was always very clean!!! but ya it was a great week!

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