Thursday, August 15, 2013

July 22, 2013

hey moms and pops and family,
Well this week was really good!

August 5, 2013

so real quick sorry we had transfers and i have my first native campanion and... he has less time than me hahah i got assigned senior campanion so theres a lil more pressure haha.. But no elder Aragon ya jake his name is from the lord of the rings i thought it was so cool i call myself elder legalis hahah but no he is a really good kid and has a big desire to work so im excited! 
Last week was incredible i was really on cloud nine! in one day i contacted 20 people and that week we had 43 contacts it was really cool i touched the pacific ocean hahah so navolato is almost on the beach altata a little town is to the west which is the beach and ya we had a lesson to teach over there so we went and took pictures haha it was cool but now im in culiacan, a colonia called caƱadas... its 1,000 ° in canada i know right hahaah but no it was really good i got very emotional leaving a few families yesterday especially our most recent convert, he started crying when we were talking to him telling him i was leaving then for about ten minutes he thanked me and bore me his testimony and told me to tell the family if he knew you he would love every one of you and it was the best 10 minutes of my life then we gave each other a very firm hug and i left.  Then i had to leave the familia  who we lived with their sons  wrote me these super sweet letters and it broke my heart leaving!!!! 
I threw up i think from how much i worry it randomly comes i think i might have the startings of ulcers i have no clue quite honestly its only every once in a while but that was a good impression during my first meal here with the hermana haha ya your food was so good i barfed five times hahaha no she was understanding and very sweet she gave me three pills to take to help. 
 I have come so much closer to the lord through prayer it really is the key to the heaven. I am excited i was very excited for the changes and my new district leader is from west jordan he reminds me a lot of randy hes a poly and super funny and riiiiiiipppped hes 6 foot 225 and all rock haha but im excited to work with him. but i dont have much time so ive got to go but ill send more next week i love you all dearly and pray for each of you individually y think about you all often.
Love Elder Drew
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We can do hard things

July 30, 2013

Dear family,
right on so basically i was sick all week, but today I am suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPYYY:DDDDDDDDDDDD  today I'm off the walls singing called to serve.
That's the one thing Ive learned through out my mission is that sometimes we've done all we can like Obinidi and we still end up suffering the will of the lord to show our loyalty. He was obedient I mean he was the prophet, he was totally obedient and he got burned!!!! HE DIED!!! Lots of the pioneers died they gave up everything to die from hunger sickness or the weather but the lord knows their minds and sacrifice and literally like it says in dc that not one hair shall faltamos.... no se como se dice en englais everything will  be restored every jot and tittle... i love that word tittle haha but it really is like that sometimes the lord doesn't give us the answer to the test cuz he knows we can answer the question we just gotta struggle in the test even when we say "I've done everything help me!" But rather when we ask in patience he gives us what we cant do for ourselves and so much more as long as we know despite what happens 1 Nefi 3:7 the lord doesn't give us anything we cant overcome. Man this was a tough week being sick all week with my bacteria so you have to have a 1:80 ratio to qualify for the bacteria as positive.... my results came out 1:160 hahaha suffice to say I didn't feel good that day.
I love you all so much.
Elder Drew

July 15th, 2013

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah that is sooo cool I'm so excited for Jakes and football   But everything else is super exciting too tell Joshy congrats on his eagle I'm way stoked for him.
 k I'm barely starting on my letter now haha I loved the letters so much! But this week was awesome!!!! First! An amazing man got baptized and I feel absolutely blessed to know him let alone be able to baptize him and bring him into the pathway of the arms of our loving Heavenly Father! He has throat problems and he has really bad eye sight but he can barely read but it hurts his eyes. But we started visiting him as a reference from a member and we visited him for the first time my second day in the mission. I have been with three comps since we have been teaching him. We visited him a lot and now he got baptized! He is  a stalwart whose looking for the truth we just had to go the extra mile to get a ride for him every Sunday and be patient lovingly while he learned,  But he started waking up every morning at 5 to read so the sun didn't hurt his eyes worse than they already hurt and he started progressing last week he payed his fast offering and fasted which was incredibly humbling to hear a man say pues claro que si! like duh! When we asked if he'd pay a fast offering when he literally doeds not have much money. They are the family of those super cute little girls I sent you the picture of but he said he'd  get some money  He did it without the slightest hesitation thinking it was a sacrifice. I was excited to show his faith and get blessings! So last Sunday he fasted and we helped him fill out his fast offering  he paid it with out thinking it was a sacrifice! The widow's mite) And then we were visiting him this week getting him ready for his baptism on Saturday he broke down into tears and told us how the book of Mormon has changed his life and how he is better because of it as a person and that he knows it will change his family! it was sooooo special! And then we had his baptism. After his confirmation it was so wonderful seeing him stand up from the chair and shake every one on the stands hand and sit down with a big smile. And then we were in gospel principles and the teacher asked him at the end if he had any questions or comments and he said "I just feel incredibly grateful right now for them and he started choking up and pointed at us and paused and said for all the time they spent to help me understand our Heavenly Fathers gospel little by little and for helping me start on the path to getting back to him. I just feel absolutely grateful! It was absolutely worth every   cita that fell through to bring one soul earnestly searching for our father I know that man will make it to the Celestial Kingdom he is one of the most pure people I have ever met!

 Some favorite ties, mango smoothies.CANDY and Jesus getting baptized

July 9th, 2013

Hey everyone,
The trip to Europe sounds soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooool I'm so jealous that all sounds absolutely awesome!!!!! I'm so glad you all got to go and your experiences in the temple too were all super cool to read!!!Here are pic..
Missionaries being crazy, I love the little kids they are so happy, and me with Jesus.

July 1st, 2013

 Dear Everyone,

  Elder Coombs is awesome we stayed up till 1 the other night talking we get along really well he's such a good guy we were at lunch and he saw an old lady walking, sprints from the table to go help her. My infection was really bad last week, but I went to a doctor and he said I'll have it my whole mission but I can try to control it better, but I was super sick the ratio is 1:1.60 to register as having the infection and I was 1:3.20! But its not horrible we still go out every day its just that i'm super ache and tired but I'm getting shotsin the bum (nacho voice) "its the beeest!" haha

We were eating with a family and I could barely eat with my stomach hurting so bad and so I put down my head just to rest since I was in pain and the grandma started crying she felt bad I was hurting which was so sweet to know that is how much I mean to them! But one miracle we were teaching a lady and she said she prayed and received an answer that she felt very peaceful and super good when she prayed and she was so happy and it was soooooooooo good as a missionary to hear that because that's why I'm here sweating like a... Monkey in a green house hahah and being exhausted with an infection from the food here for people like her.  She has school on Sundays its the only day she takes this class and it so happens to be in the exact same hours as church! So we asked her to see if she could change the date, if not it doesn't end for 8 months and we don't know if the best thing is to tell her to quit it when its probably expensive they don't have very much and she could get baptized after but we will see. But idk part of what makes miracles is that they're not constant so we appreciate them were being completely obedient but ya the lord blesses us after the trial of our faith but we baptized the other sister on Saturday!!! We've been teaching her the entire time I've been here in Mexico and she finally got baptized which was awesome were working with her mom now. But one really cool prompting was we were riding on the other side of navolato and I had a thought to try and stop by a reference from our activity we had. So I went against my doubting like oh it'd be such a waste its all the way across navolato and she might not be there but we went and it happened to be the only day shes home and set a appointment with her for this Saturday and shes pretty interested! Elder Coombs gave a blessing and in it promised that if she stayed faithful her husband would reactivate in the church! So we will see how that goes but were working hard the first week of the transfer is really just introducing them to the ward. Then working in between and I was sick a lot and we had our first conference with President Velez he started last week he's awesome he's a Mexican version of Scott Anderson!!!! He is awesome I'm excited to serve with him
 Love you all so much have fun touring Europe... WITHOUT ME oh so one last story so we were biking back from lunch and see this guy staggering around and I was like elder did you see how drunk he was and he said I'm pretty sure he was just handicapped then right then we hear a thud in back of us and we look back and beer cans are rolling around that fell from his backpack when he fell in the middle of the street haha i definitely won that one.. definitely drunk haha  love yall Elder Hunt

June 24th, 2013

Hey Everyone,
I've got some pics I'm gonna send next week I forgot the card reader.
 Here is another funny experience was we were in a lesson and a recent convert we baptized thanked heavenly father for coke specifically.. hahah  glad that is is not against the word of wisdom. Another said in his prayer thank you for the sun to dry my clothes so innocent. The culture is just so different and I cant explain what it is but people are just so different here talking to people about god to people here isn't strange at all they're such an awesome people but I'm very excited I feel like me and elder Coombs are going to see a lot of miracles together!! he's a very loving, humble person so it'll be good!
Need to go.. love you all.
Elder Drew

June 17th, 2013

Hey family and Friends,
We had another baptism Saturday!!! We baptized a very energetic sweet 11 year old whose going to turn 12 this  Sunday! Me and Elder Toomey found him teaching an inactive family in my first few weeks and he was like hey I wanna get baptized randomly in the middle of one of the lessons. So we always go back but he was always out playing with his friends and when we would visit him he already forgot what we had taught the last time. So we had to decided if we should drop him, but I felt like we should still keep going back. So in the last two weeks we spent a lot more attention on him and  told him that its not a joke and if he wanted to be baptized he had to read every day  for the next two weeks. I thought that was just going to make him lose all interest, but we came back and he had read and was working on memorizing the first article of faith. He was still himself but he literally changed he had a desire to really be baptized and change, his mom said he could as long as she saw a change because he used to swear and things like that and he completely changed in a matter of three days!! He's such a good kid he cracks me up! He was super sad yesterday when I told him I'm eventually going to go to another area but that I'd try to come back one day and visit him, he really liked that idea!! But it was so  funny when I baptized him  he said I didn't move my arm enough for him to grab his nose, because I was so focused on the prayer and getting his name right I forgot about his nose lol so as I'm pushing him down he's trying to catch his breath and trying to come out of the water hahah so i barely got him under and he came out and just looked at me with a face of shock and said- hey... I couldn't breath! which sounds horrible but if you were there it'd be a lot funnier everyone was laughing he's a goofy kid but it was very sweet when I was waiting for him to finish changing in the bathroom in the hall he yelled Elder! I asked what was up and he said i've never felt this good in my life before! I feel so beautiful inside!!!  And I sat there feeling so good then remembered to respond telling him that was so awesome!!  He's a funny kid though we visited him last night and asked him how church was and he said, "I didn't like it... then we were confused and like why! and he said BECAUSE I LOVED IT!!!" He's a good kid and I felt a sweet spirit when we gave him the gift of the spirit that he will serve a mission. It was awesome! Then Thursday we had divisions and I went with Elder Moehdano  from Mexico city whose 1 generation newer than me . He speaks Spanish lol but it was awesome we    taught a very simple lesson to a member family in bauchiguilato their area about the importance of daily prayer and study and we teach extremely well together and in the middle of the lesson the lady just burst into tears it was a very sweet spirit!!    We also taught the lady we taught before from the last divisions that we contacted on the street that's quote unquote catholic and she said you can come but I'm catholic so we went to visit her and when we went in, here kids were screaming and it was noisy and  she was a little flustered and by the end of the lesson out of no where she said "I feel very calm right now, I feel peace" and we were so excited. We did wrap up well and its just a nice example of the effect we have with the spirit to a lady who says she never wants to change from being catholic can feel the spirit through us, it was a very special experience! Then we had a family home evening with a family in their ward and   it was awesome it was to their new baptisms two weeks ago they baptized 5 brothers and sisters this family and we went and taught them and it was very fun and it was very easy to come across a laugh in that home before it started we were just having a lot of fun then when it was time to be serious we started teaching them the importance of scriptures and Elder Moehdano that stud him he was prompted to say - "were going to say a prayer for a scripture that will show that we truly can receive revelation from studying the scriptures prayerfully".- and I was sitting their in awe of his faith the whole time I was praying he didn't turn to a scripture that had nothing to do with prayer.... so he opens up the scriptures to a random page and it was Mormon 5: 21 and it says the I the lord hear the prayer of the righteous and everyone including him were shocked we received an answer that direct it was awesome! Me and him get along super well and the whole night we were talking about telling president we received revelation we should be companions haha we had so much fun that night!

And two days ago we had a conference with all the zones in Culiacan area so 3 zones and it was Pres. Cantus last time to talk to us and it was a very good experience.  The conference it was very spiritual we had the chance to bare our testimonies and I got up and shared mine and it was a very sweet experience, when you feel like you should take any chance to bare testimony of Christ he fills you with his spirit! While we were filing up the font Friday and Elder Smalley was sleeping since it takes like 3 hours I started to clean the church  to  show my gratitude for the lord for blessing us with a baptism and I was sweeping and sing because I have been given much and  then started thinking another song but remembered the one I was singing I felt the spirit strong when I sang it so I started thinking which song  was I singing and i couldn't remember for the life of me so I had a thought to say a prayer and instead of rationalizing against it I did and I said "Heavenly Father I know its not a big deal but I would really appreciate and receive a stronger testimony of prayer if you helped me remember this song and three seconds or so after the prayer the song just started 'playing in my head again. It was a sweet tender mercy from the lord to show me how involved he truly is with us.

So now to some fun stuff, we were riding back from the Chulavista where Juvel and Louis live which is like 3 miles away from our house( by the way I'm super good at riding my bike without my handlebars now thanks to how often we ride bikes and I rode there with the highway and turns all without hands super cool haha I was proud]) but  we were talking and a German Shepard starts chasing us. Now usually the big dogs are the ones that DONT chase us cuz they've got nothing to prove but this guy was just mad for no reason so I kicked out and they usually stop running after that but this guy was different he starts lunging at me  and snapping so I started  subconsciously yelling like a little girl as I'm riding my bike looking g for cars in front of me and kicking the dog in the nose as hard and fast as I can as Elder Smalley starts cracking up lol. So when the dog stopped. Elder S paused and said how was that and I just said "well sometimes the only thing you can do in life is move on elder lol and we started laughing, we have a lot of fun together and we work really hard. We have a lot of good talks  and its weird cuz he really is polar opposite of me but we get along really well.

We were teaching a lesson to Jose the guy who asked us when he could start preaching lol and some kids started a water balloon fight and they started throwing  them close to us so Elder Smalley grabs one and  chucks it at a kid running. A kid gave me one daring me to throw it across the road at his friend cuz he thought I couldn't throw it that far so I bombed it like 50 yards and it hits this tree bursts and rains all over the kid underneath it haha it was so funny! Sometimes its easy to get entertained when you typically don't have fun as a missionary haha.
The people are so kind here and I just remembered we taught a referral at  the plan of salvation activity and she is golden so ready for the gospel her and here boyfriend are getting married the 17th of July and she accepted to be baptized but we didn't put a date yet but she told us when she went into the celestial room a room the members decorated to show each kingdom of glory she started crying because she saw her a relatives spirits that had passed away and said she felt her son who died holding her hand!  So after that I extended a invitation to baptism and she accepted without hesitation! She has three kids so we could possibly have like 6 baptisms this next transfer which would be awesome!! And when we went to go pick up some medicine in the mall in Culiacan which was suuuuuuuuuuuuper nice I felt like I was home again even then it was like city creek nice and we were waiting till it opened and this guy   came down and started talking to us he's Mexican and served a mission and speaks English so that alone is rare but he's inactive and  is pretty studied out in anti church stuff but was nice and didn't want to bash us at all but he said he still believes in it, he's just studying things out to legitimately see whats right and I feel like we helped him out the best we could and at the end he said to me I don't know why but I can tell you will be a leader in the church one day but like high up, which was cool I joked with him saying "ya I'm gonna be the churches first man primary president" and he laughed but it was an incredible miracle!!!
Have a great week.
Love Elder Hunt

June 3, 2013

Dear Family and friends,
I don't know if I will be on June 27 is the big day where the mission splits and we saw pics of both presidents and I already sent my profile to the one here so hopefully 'ill stay here but, where ever the Lord wants me is where I will be.
I will let you know it all depends on next transfer so in 3 weeks will determine but ya I have been so much better this week. Elder Smalley and I have awesome talks. But another story for ya so a new convert of three months was at someones shop and they started crying saying they don't have any business and he without a shadow of a doubt although he he is so new in the Gospel said a prayer and said watch you'll get business if we pray. rrrright after he said amen someone came!!! What faith, we all need to have this much faith, the faith of a little child in the Gospel!

so funny stories real quick we gave a sister a blessing of comfort and her sweet little boy whose like 5 put his hands on top of ours while we were giving the blessing, he just wanted to be apart of it!

The soon to be dad of the two getting baptized soon gave me a pink tie and its a gorgeous tie, just because I said I liked it his name. They are so willing to give you anything they have.  He told me I am learning super fast the language. So its coming along and Jose and Carmen they're super kind just like everyone else and gave us these key chains so well remember them and mines from Canada and I was so touched they wanted to give us something so bad. 
love ya'll,
Elder Drew