Thursday, August 15, 2013

July 15th, 2013

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah that is sooo cool I'm so excited for Jakes and football   But everything else is super exciting too tell Joshy congrats on his eagle I'm way stoked for him.
 k I'm barely starting on my letter now haha I loved the letters so much! But this week was awesome!!!! First! An amazing man got baptized and I feel absolutely blessed to know him let alone be able to baptize him and bring him into the pathway of the arms of our loving Heavenly Father! He has throat problems and he has really bad eye sight but he can barely read but it hurts his eyes. But we started visiting him as a reference from a member and we visited him for the first time my second day in the mission. I have been with three comps since we have been teaching him. We visited him a lot and now he got baptized! He is  a stalwart whose looking for the truth we just had to go the extra mile to get a ride for him every Sunday and be patient lovingly while he learned,  But he started waking up every morning at 5 to read so the sun didn't hurt his eyes worse than they already hurt and he started progressing last week he payed his fast offering and fasted which was incredibly humbling to hear a man say pues claro que si! like duh! When we asked if he'd pay a fast offering when he literally doeds not have much money. They are the family of those super cute little girls I sent you the picture of but he said he'd  get some money  He did it without the slightest hesitation thinking it was a sacrifice. I was excited to show his faith and get blessings! So last Sunday he fasted and we helped him fill out his fast offering  he paid it with out thinking it was a sacrifice! The widow's mite) And then we were visiting him this week getting him ready for his baptism on Saturday he broke down into tears and told us how the book of Mormon has changed his life and how he is better because of it as a person and that he knows it will change his family! it was sooooo special! And then we had his baptism. After his confirmation it was so wonderful seeing him stand up from the chair and shake every one on the stands hand and sit down with a big smile. And then we were in gospel principles and the teacher asked him at the end if he had any questions or comments and he said "I just feel incredibly grateful right now for them and he started choking up and pointed at us and paused and said for all the time they spent to help me understand our Heavenly Fathers gospel little by little and for helping me start on the path to getting back to him. I just feel absolutely grateful! It was absolutely worth every   cita that fell through to bring one soul earnestly searching for our father I know that man will make it to the Celestial Kingdom he is one of the most pure people I have ever met!

 Some favorite ties, mango smoothies.CANDY and Jesus getting baptized

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