Tuesday, July 16, 2013

April 22, 2013

Dear family and friends we have like a four hour practice to sing in the choir for Elder Holland so I get to type for like five minutes after reading letters so here is my top ten items for the week:
10.So I can listen to any lds artist, so please send some music.
9.We spent 4 days in Culiacan last week 2 for choir for a General Authority Jefferey R Holland is coming the 16-18 of May!!!! 2 for splits and 1 for district meeting it was a weird week we were in Culican more than are area. haha.
8. One of the recent converts asked us if he can preach to people now it was pretty funny lol and we had to have a careful thoughtful response lol.
7.There is another man named Jesus a 70 year old man were teaching, he has really bad health, I don't know if he could get baptized. We will see how it work out.
6.We were super blessed having a car and church so close to us at home, here they have a van that they pack like 20 people in to go to church including us haha walking all the time to church makes you grateful for lots of things.
5.stop signs don't exist here no one follows them and I am scared out of my mind every time were on a bus lol it really is like in harry potter lol.
4 .I had my first dog experience wahoo and jumped like 7 feet and im out of time haha so next week im going to write my letter than respond so i can answer your questions lol adios!
3. kids here play soccer a lot play in the streets with each other run around they are always outside, I think how I was when I was little. Just give a kid a ball.
2. the members are awesome its so fun we eat every lunch with a member except p days but i eat fruit a lot since I had that stomach infection.
1. I have had pigs foot and cows foot and my stomach doesn't like either.

I have to watch my head everywhere I go

I can never get enough cold drinks on these hot days

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