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May 20, 201

Dear Family,
dude Jake  you're a stud thats so awesome about everything the ward, Jake especially he's my hero I wanna be like him when I grow up!!! My comp grew up on a farm, is a very hard worker he's got a big heart and loves the Gospel,  we get a long really well we've had some moments but who doesn't  were working really hard last week was basically introducing him to the ward and investigators so last week and this week will be setting us up for a kill the next week(like that lil volley comparison;) haha but ya Javel and Louis they'll be baptized we hope this week, we have to go through red tape to get these things done sometimes. Jeffery R Holland  is such a sweet man, I got to shake his hand and he just said  buenas dias to everyone haha but it was  neat! when he was bearing his testimony about Christ his translator started crying describing Christ in Gethsemane and Elder Holland leaned over and gave him an arm hug and kissed him on the cheek it was really cool he just talked about working hard now so we can have the stories to tell to the new generations and how we don't have the right  not to work hard or damage the image of a missionary. I got to see all my buds from our district in the MTC which was a lot of fun getting together after a month and hearing each others stories!!  
My  comp said my Spanish is coming along better than most when they learn and he said he's never seen any missionary as new as me participate so much or be involved in trying to carry on conversation with the members and he said one thing he admired was how hard I try to communicate even when I know its not right and that the people are just going to make fun of me for it.                                                                     So Elder Smalley in his last area they had a war right out side his house they just laid on the ground for like 3 hours while grenades and guns were being shot he said it was nuts!!! Crazy area but we are blessed right!
So churros are the equivalent of 80 cent for like 5 which is great! We were at mutual and everyone was chanting our last names as Missionaries. It is great that they want us there.

I NEED A NEW SCRIPTURE MARKER TOP PRIORITY HAHA i gave mine to our zone leader. he's one of the most humble, Christ- like people I know and he's from Mexico and doesn't have a lot so I gave it to him but hes so nice I just told him hey nice tie bam he takes it off I want you to have it ahhh he's so nice so I gave it to him my scripture marker and he was beaming he was very grateful!!! but ya so I need one bad,  but its crazy how tired you get here the weather is always sooooo hot I dream about cold showers and swimming and lemonade haha but what else..
Cooking....tortas de papas take potato and cook it mash it and cook it with egg and its so good its like a potatoes omelet ahhh put the potato with the white first mix it up then put in the yoke. 
They have so much American stuff here most people who wear sports stuff have like Chicago bulls hats or lakers shorts haha its honestly very similar to the USA in a lot of ways its just culture and a lot more poverty but  people still have a lot sometimes it just depends, like how people burn their trash on the side of the road haha  but idk what to write there's so much different here.
We  found some people to teach, Gema y elza came to Jeffery R  Holland and liked it . We are  hoping to have her baptized in two weeks Thomas y Fabian were working with their parents because if the parents dont support them they'll just go inactive but we have a lot of people to teach Navolato is really big and we can never seem to have enough time, the bikes help a ton but the pedal keeps falling off so we always go by our ward mission leader whose starting to come back to church again wahoo!! 
Elder Smalley and I get along really well and laugh a lot. 
 oh, the dogs always bark from the roofs and it makes me laugh cuz its like ok jump come get me... and break every bone in your body  and get me. lol. Last week I was down to the peso 178  exactly the amount I had for groceries it was nuts haha the cash register was pretty blown away! But, I had enough for what i needed.  The members tell me Ilook exactly like Jim  Carry so my nickname is Elder Carry my other nickname is Elder Si SI, cuz I always said si si with one family and yup now thats just what they call me haha.  oh they put drinks in cheap sandwich bags cut off the corner and drink it and here being dehydrated ALWAYS it was so nice when Hermano Frank gave us like twenty bags of gatorade ahhhhh man haha, were so blessed though a new convert Cristo whose 11 walks like 3 miles just for mutual every week its so sad how blessed we are and have no idea!!! The members are so nice, Hermana Suzy would give us rides whenever she drove by and saw us and we walked so much so it was always super nice when your exhausted.  I've never appreciated the intrepid (our old car) so much in my life haha. 
So were having the ward activity the 8th of June and the members are bringing friends an d were going to teach the plan of salvation which will give us tooooons of people to teach so I'm stoked for that! We saw another drunk guy chaseings us down to tell us he was looking for Noah's ark in the canal haha people are crazy, but we love them.
Love you all!
Elder Drew

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