Tuesday, July 16, 2013

April 29, 2013

(So when we happen to get on  the same time Elder Drew is we write more personally stuff and we don't get a long emails. So here is small pieces of his letters)Dear Family and Friends, Sorry I don't have a lot of time, we had to send a lot of stuff today with our new president and what not but ill send my list of stuff I have been keeping track of with pics next week sorry i haven't had time yet, next week! Love you so much and know I am sooo grateful for all you send, i don't have enough time to respond to everything you say but i read it all and write notes down with all of it it means so much! It really does. I am so grateful for how much you're here for me. I think about you all so much and have a pic of our fam in my back pack i show everyone.I have had an infection del intestino for the last two weeks which has drained my energy like crazy takes away muscle strength and affects pretty much my whole day but I am hoping once that goes away everything will get easier.We will probably have 10-15 baptisms here soon Tomas y Fabian are progressing super well and the lady who had the dream about the tree my first night she read the story of the tree of life and said it changed her life and wants to get forgiveness for her sins and come back to church!! I've come to find missionary work is baptisms but so much of it is the church in general helping members activation.. but thanks so much i love you SOOO MUCH!

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