Tuesday, July 16, 2013

May 13,2013

Answers to questions
1. zone leaders said I can skype any Monday for Mothers day so see when John can.
2.ya  I have a new comp. Elder Smalley is my new companion from Levan Utah  he played football, basketball and ran track he's pretty cool! lots of personality, he seems like a really hard worker. I am staying in Navolato
4.My hip is alright we got our bikes so well see how that progresses
5. I eat yogurt, tortillas beans and idk whatever the members make us everyday for lunches. Apples and bananas at night its hard to cook cuz we can only eat after we get back so after planning at 9:30 but its hard to write in my journal and prep for the next day and eat. I am so tired 
ive been contactng a lot of people and i talked to one on the bus which is hard in broken Spanish her name was Alma and I taught her the plan and how she can live with her lil baby again and she seemed deeply touched and I passed the ref so well see how that goes but its intimidating how many peoples lives we don't touch by just relaxing on buses you never no when they ll listen like that.
Bishop told Elder Toomey he can tell the difference between the wards excitement b4 and after I got here and he said I have excited a lot of people to come back to church that have told him that. haha bishops ring tone is gungham style and I have heard that song more here than there in the states. We here just about everything here even some country. It was better when i didnt understand mariachi haha now its that mych more anoying! Were having a ward activity the 24th and pres Cantu, the Stake President are both coming and they're bringing tons of people to teach the plan of salvation and ultimately to get us around 50 referrals which would be incredible. The elders quorum pres told Elder Toomey he made the act because he saw how hard we were working to get the ward going which was way cool.
Love yall
Elder Drew

Air Conditioning!!!

Ward Mission leader (also par-Olympic athlete)

What I call home :)

I've grown a foot or two

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