Tuesday, July 16, 2013

May 6,2013

Hola Familia!!!! 
Como estan? Its good to hear about the family and Coy thats so cool! Im doing better! Every day last week has been really good!  My infection seems to be gone haha well see how that goes but ya last week was awesome we set two more baptismal dates but only two of our 10 investigators with dates came to church which was a huge disappointment. 
Well Culiacan is still hot lol, we spent every day for at least a little bit in Culiacan again haha, but I was talking with my friend whose a secretary in the offices today were writing on the computers in their since were getting bikes for my hip, cuz I had an x ray and I have three small spurs starting up and the specialist said that it wouldn't be good to have surgery now but that having a bike would help significantly! So that will be a blessing to bike.
At night your always drenched in sweat for planning and you're literally glazed its the grossest feeling! But at night its so nice walking around the streets it feels soooo good!!! One old man we were teaching Jesus they live in a house by the canal which means its super poor, their neighbors live in a tent and a person were trying to reactivate sleeps in a chair under a tree and calls it his house its crazy the poverty but Jesus I honestly was worried he was going to die during our lesson. Usually how you pray for the spirit well I prayed for his welfare of living through that lesson. He has really bad health. 
I can say dc 4 fast in Spanish now which was a great boost with Spanish! Everyone always waves to us hear and says god bless you which is a cool feeling  but its surprising how many members are a inactive and b there in general like one house in every few streets has a member but most are inactive we started sacrament with 10 people and half were the bishops family, the ward is really struggling so watching the district and a strong ward in the U.S. makes me jealous cuz our bishop is like the only person you can count on being there. It makes our ward super hard when were supposed to be getting references as the base of our work and not door approaches but we have more street contacts in a week than references because everyone is waiting for someone else to get their calling done. So ya church is rough but I bore my testimony yesterday and its amazing the gift of tongues i didn't even have to pause and all the members said not only that they felt my testimony but that they understood me so much better in my testimony which is a testimony to me of the reality of the spirit.
 oh they also water their dirt so it doesn't blow around,  one person were teaching starting crying when we taught the word of wisdom shes 20 and doesn't even drink coffee more than once a month and promised to live it .
Lots of were not in kansas anymore experiences,
In "Despicable Me" they have the giant beer can as a joke well here they have giant beer cans on poles so in Utah we have steeples well here thats the sign of the nearest tecate(beer place) and while on the topic i saw a guy super drunk try and ride his bike oh my gosh I have never laughed harder he fell and tried again,then he ran into the curb and fell and eventually the tecate owner came out and took his bike away form him ah man,  lol.  The blue eyes here are so cool lots of people have them its weird their super dark with blue eyes its cool! one of the sisters here she uses her tongue a lot which makes her sound like shes from Spain with a super thick listp,. Then the only thing creepier than a clown is a Spanish clown I learned that one, lots of people buy inflatable slides for parties and for dia de niño they bought one for their school system is a little different with water slides and all haha,
I gave my first talk three weeks ago and I made a lot of people cry so I think I went well haha no I was happy with it I bore testimony of the atonement that was my topic and its always a special one for me. They said the spirit was really strong
Jake- I have jello a lot they have basically all our food down here mayo to bread to chocolate milk to potatoes, I like to make fries haha with tomatoes and meat and put it in a tortilla for breakfast and eat flan at night,!! I have no idea how I'm not fat I think its all the biking and sweating. I had my first chile rellenos ahhhhhh sooo good and I always focus on complimenting the members and she was beaming after I ate a lot. 
Its so cool being creative with the work, I thought it was a set in stone type of thing but you and you're companion have a lot of different things you can do everyday depending on how hard you work and how dedicated you are I got up on the bus two weeks ago and bore a quick testimony and asked if anyone had questions about religion or this life to come talk to us. I was super scared but it was a cool way to show my faith! My comp said this is the most success he's ever seen on his mission and he said that there weren't any miracles happening in Navolato till I came which that was a big boost! 
People here are super nice you can talk to anyone except for the drunk people haha and you can talk about god with anyone its awesome!!! Well have two baptisms this week hopefully  juvel y louis who are 8 y 9. their step dad is active and so hopefully it will all work out.

They have agua de frutas and anything from jamaica which is like a nut fruit which is alright but they love it and then agua de guava which I think is heaven but they think its alight haha agua de orange pinña cantalope its pretty good ice cream cake ya they have a lot here of the same stuff we do im gona write faster now cuz i need to wrap up, drivers are super crazy haha every day in the streets is like frogger haha we've had choir every Monday and Friday for Elder Holland so we've had a lot of time away from the work but mas que nada Spanish is coming really well people tell me I speak better than most new and have really good pronunciation and last week I taught awesome and am doing a lot better!! sorry about pics next week!!! i love you all ttys!

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