Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

Well here we go into last week! I had my interview or our whole zone did and Pres Cantu. "said its like were on the other side of a river and Christ asks us to cross but we just want to sit discouraged on the other side doubting ourselves. We need to just  find a way and cross." We have to act. He also said "life is like a doughnut you can either look at the delicious donuts or the hole in the middle its your choice!"
 I've been so happy since then we meet with him and Wednesday night I was so happy I couldn't even sleep.. for a while then my body turned off cuz walking all day makes ya tired un poquito lol. But that day we had gone to every members house to try to get references teach those who we had appointments with and everything we could possibly think of and literally had nothing else we could think of so I said hey lets pray haha. We prayed how president told us in our training.
1. explain the problem and tell him  exactly how you're feeling
2.  explain what you've done to fix the problem.
3. compromise or come up with a way which you think the problem could be solved. Pray for a specific thing based off the promptings you receive  and follow through with it.
4 give thanks.

We did this and asked for someone to teach and about five minutes after walking without any direction knowing the lord would put someone in our way we came to a ladies house and started talking to her and she sounded really interested. After that we were walking back to the apartment for the night and passed a family and I remembered when President Cantu said "miracles don't happen when you go home before nine." So I said Elder lets go teach them so we went back we introduced ourselves  said we had a message on the purpose of this life and families and if you bring up anything with families with these people they'll listen haha so they let us in and before I could realize what happened we were teaching the plan of salvation to a family of 20 people all eagerly listening.
Eventually  people left till it was me and my trainer and the three older people in their family.A cute old spunky white haired lady and two other older people. The one couple was super stoked about the lesson the other is an active catholic so she didn't accept the book of Mormon right off the bat but she said its the same as the bible so that's a start haha.  We met with her for the second time yesterday and shes pretty interested but we've got a long ways to go with her.  During that lesson the other two  people who were there drove by and he said he was on page six of the book of Mormon and he seems really excited to keep going and pending on how his prayer went well probably challenge him to baptism tomorrow. All that because we prayed. That's how it works as we read in either from the brother of Jared he was the prophet he talks of god and he still had to do all he could before the lord helped them with the stones in the barges. President Cantu said "the lord isn't going to do anything you can do yourself so  if we don't see god's hand in our lives we probably havent left the couch metaphorically speaking! "Prayer is real I've never been closer to the lord in prayer than last week .
I am loving it right now! I've got  three of the biggest blisters to humble me right when everything is perfect haha. Our nurse made me stay home and rest for a day cuz they were pretty  bad and its on the small toe too which stinks cuz that the part of my foot at least that takes the brunt of my walking. But its been really good.

We have 8 baptism dates, 2 for sure this Saturday and three people who said they want to be baptized but we haven't set a date.  But its hard to put everything you do all day everyday into a email, but you really do see miracles everyday in the mission field if you work for them.
President made a chart for miracles.
 The first step is a desire our desires effect our actions which leads to obedience from obedience we show our faith. When we show faith we make sacrifices and when we make sacrifices the spirit teaches the lessons and miracles happen. This is so true. President said do all the things you want to do the least and that's when you'll see the most success. We are walking around all day in 100 degrees plus with humidity up the wazoo with blisters on your feet you've have plenty to sacrifice. If you do then he will bless you and I've already started to see the results from that.

So there were these two boys that were playing volleyball and  we went up to to talk to them Like Moroni with much stratagem we started playing with them and we started talking and from that one decision that I had no idea if they'd listen or not both are taking the lessons and really want to be baptized and two of  his  sisters want to be baptized and his catholic mom is reading the book of Mormon.The other boy's family wants us to teach them. That just goes to show that if you're talking to everyone that's when the miracles happen. Dad like you sent me in the Dallin H Oaks quote "the spirit doesn't tell us everything we should do" in pmg he talks about the beauty of agency and if the spirit conducted each and every step there's no point of agency and gods plan is for naught. David A Bednar talked about just being good boys and good girls and if we do that then we will be doing what the Lords will because were doing good. Well see how devoted they really are because with how religious people are in Mexico you could walk up to someone and say Christ was baptized and we need to be as well wanna be baptized and they'd say si, porque no lol. The word of wisdom is the kicker down here and when people really start putting the talk to the walk. I'm just SOOO glad coca, coke, y refresco es no contra el parabla de sabiduria or we'd have no one to teach lol.

The two being baptized on Saturday are a 8 year old boy and a  9 year old girl, brother and sister whose dad is a member Their dad wanted to put the baptism in May so they could invite friends and family for the party but they said no!"We want to be baptized next week" haha.

K well now to the Mexico stuff. So basically its really different than the USA I've seen every kind of  dead animal on the side of the road including a cow and, The bishop is great! He fixes cars and so he has a seat that was in a truck and that was my seat home after our lunch appointment and the cops don't do anything here with cars except for kick people out of trunks but you can ride in the back of a truck legally so I sat back there laughing and waving to cars,people and the police and loved it because its absolutely legal hahah.   Basketball at mutual on Thursdays Elder Toomey and his old companion started it up here and they play soccer and basketball every time which is great for inactive and investigators but they don't know how to play basketball but they are REAAAALLY good at fouling so I will never complain about church ball again!  
It really is so humbling though teaching people with very little are so willing to feed you all they have without hesitation its super humbling.
 It was super humbling to give the yo yo and the disks you gave me for my birthday to the kids we teach and come back and be like what are they playing with then realizing they're playing with the yo yo I gave them without thinking much about it is pretty touching and makes you feel spoiled rotten and we are haha
 holy moley I can't even start to explain, but they love  life, they're happy.
They live day to day so most people work Sundays which is difficult with teaching and getting people to come to church. The family we eat with on Tuesdays and they are absolutely the best, their food is soooo good! Last night they invited us over for family night and threw a little party for Elder Toomeys birthday and we had three milk cake and it was super good!!!
I almost get  decapitated wherever we go since the doors to the houses are framed at 6 feet.  lol and I've hit my head less than I should have, thanks to my guardian angel who is more tired than my feet haha.
So here's a joke of Elder Toomey "why did simbas  dad die... porque he didn't mofasa" move faster... pretty good right lol.   love you all so much!!! The work is awesome and I'm so glad im  here!
Love Elder Drew Hunt
No empty seats  

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