Tuesday, February 25, 2014

October 7, 2013

(I wrote him about me being bite by a brown recluse spider and breaking one of my toes and getting food poisoned all before John was to come home... this is what he wrote back.. )

 "well at least were not the Hunt family... oh wait "lol remember that from  our neighbor, that they say al least they are not us.  dang im super sorry you broke it.  A brown recluse holy wowzers food poison jaheesh im way sorry!!!! tell me when youre out of the hospital haha. I did get to watch conference.  It was awesome, I understood this one haha the last conference was my first Sunday exactly so that was exactly 6 months in the field.   I printed our a bunch of pics today 40 pics of the family and Jake playing football, Abby in Jake's pads and a bunch more. The members only came to the stake center for priesthood cuz for the others they watch at the Capella in Navolato. But I saw 'Jesus' who I baptized and that was very sweet! Hugging him again and watching him cry as he thanked me and said,"because of you I have found the path to our Heavenly Father." and I said, "well me and my companions" and he cut me off saying, "no you were the one who brought me to Christ, since I didn't want to give up on him." So that was a super good feeling and he started crying after we hugged and he turned around to leave! There were two other families that I saw which were both my favorite families there so it was good to at least see the priesthood but conference was awesome its sweet hearing them teach things your stoked to use for your investigators!

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