Wednesday, February 26, 2014

OCTOBER 14,2013

Alright so this week was pertty hilarious I had the best prank I've ever heard in the mission that I pulled on a Elder. (he had got me the week before) Yesterday he asked that I translate his prayer in English so he could do it in the district meeting in English and I said certainly my friend and I wrote the following

"Heavenly Father I give thee thanks to be here in the mission. watermelon. Gluegun hose holy wowzers please bless our investigators and all the missionaries in the name of Jesus Christ amen."  I gave it to him and he laughed. He says he knows English which made me laugh cuz  without a hesitation started the prayer and I totally forgot that I wrote that in the morning so he starts the prayer in the meeting and gets to watermelon and at that time I remember and think  my gosh he really doesn't know any English and he says watermelon and I burst out laughing and after the prayer  the zone leader looking at me like come on man in a prayer than I threw the translation to him and he reads it and buuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrssssts out laughing with his comp uncontrollably and he told me it was the best prank hes seen anyone pull in his whole mission and I'm so proud of myself he called me after the meeting laughing harder than I thought he could laugh. We laughed for five minutes straight as hard as I've ever laughed before I almost threw up I laughed so hard oh my gosh I love this zone leader he's just like randy and he was laughing saying with all the problems you guys have had that just takes the cake hahah it was hilarious and when I explained to the elder after the prayer why I was laughing he repeated quietly "espero ustexd dijo sandilla" haha (wait you told me to say watermelon)  He laughed at that hahaha it was sooooooooo perfect.!!!!

But we have the baptisms of two this Saturday so Im super excited for that but I started crying because I found out their moving the day after the baptism. Their mom is waiting to get baptized with her I'm soo excited cuz this is the first FAMILY I'll have had the privileged to help enter the waters of baptism to partake of our first covenant. 
But I read the letter the boys  dad sent him and the spirit overwhelmed with what a blessing it is to have a family in the gospel or even just a mom and a dad every day when he has to wait to see his the beauty of the plan of salvation was absolutely magnified in the moment in the most beautiful way and I started crying and felt prompted to say that we were going to sing "Families can be together forever" and everyone started crying and i've never cried that hard in my mission before to the point where i couldn't sing it was so powerful. I was so grateful for the miraculous blessing it is to serve others to come to the light. it was an awesome lesson.
 Oh and right after we passed by the stake center and guess who was there for the stake event all of the Navolato teens including my Family cruz who we lived above they started screaming Elder Hunt frantically and it scared me and I turn around and I see hermana Suzzy who calls me seen and she starts screaming "my son"!!!!! SO I run over and start talking to them oh man it was the absolute best!!!!! But this week was really good we taught 36 lessons which was the most in the zone so that was cool to hear especially since all the hard work is helping two people get baptized this week!!!!!
Life is great

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