Wednesday, February 26, 2014

November 4, 2013

John has been home for almost a month.
 Advice from me to you....say a prayer, do a fast and look the answer from the lord in the scrpitures. Ezra Taft Benson told us if we want to talk to god we pray if we want him to talk to us we read the scriptures. Most importantly put the lord first and everything will turn out well and youll get your answer.

Everything has been great with Elder Llanos is already one of my best friends in the mission and a great example to me of humility and faith , I am very grateful to be with someone who has the same mindset that I do in the work ! ! We have already said that this week has been the best of our missions. The first night we set a baptismal date and we had a good weekly planning effective and I am encouraged by the good that we will see miracles Mapping our diligence and faith.
Our numbers were low because we had changes Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday I was with Elder Famasili on splits these days because the other elder was bad and went to the hospital, we are all focused on the work.
We have two people who are waiting to get baptized. The man has to stop smoking, and his daughter must receive separate work to receive a house but is very good. Then we have a young man is also getting ready to get baptized and we will continue preparing it by December 16.I'm much better this week and I am encouraged by the work my comp and I are doing.

Haha you guys had snow we had a hurricane yesterday haha and i couldn't fall asleep it was so hot!!!!
Answers to questions... no I haven't had any burritos here. Umm actually burritos are more American than Mexican food it was invented in Sanora the state above Sinaloa where I'm at and it means little donkey the word burrito haha and it got famous in the USA so its more American than Mexican but i still love them!!! I eat beans and tortillas everyday and rice a few times every week my favorite meal would have to be chile rellenos which is a big green chile filled with cheese and meat ask Dad or John and they can take you to get one. That or carne asada which is basically steak. But i love Mexican food I'm starting to gain a little weight back from all the parasites.
My companion Elder Llanos is from the country Chile he is a great friend.  We are señor companions together and president told us he did that so that the area here could take off with lots of success we committed someone to baptism this week he's 14. and he's really excited. But he loves drawing maybe I can have him draw something for you guys! But we have a lot of fun he's learning English and he said "when he was pouring our clothes into the bag I'm puking" I started laughing cuz the way he said it sounded like he said "I'm pooing" then he started laughing to he was super embarrassed!!!

But I love the mission its so amazing everyday I have the chance to make people happy and be grateful for you and my family who make me happy
"Finding faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will help us have the POWER to ENDURE and OVERCOME even the hardest trials in Life"

We are never alone! He has promised angels on the left and on the right, and he never breaks a promise!!!!

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