Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Dear Elder Hunt,

Mom woke me up on Saturday, and I said, "YES, today I get to get baptized" I was so excited! I will send you pictures of that day. I wasn't sure who I should have baptize me. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. But, I decided that I would have Josh baptize, and then Dad and John could be in the circle to give me the Holy Ghost. I was kinda scared that my feet would come up, but Josh said the word's, and then before I knew it I was under the water and then out of the water. I felt so clean and happy. the water was cold.  Then we went to the High Counsel room, where i received the Holy Ghost. The spirit was very strong in that room. All the hands on my head was kinda heavy, but i felt really good.  I just want to try and stay clean now.
There was a talk before I got baptized that explained that the Holy Ghost is like a stop light. Red is that it will warn us not to do something, or tell us not to go somewhere. Yellow cautions us in what we say, do, or see. Green is go, it will give us the prompts to do what is right. I love you so much. I have started getting better and saying my personal prayers, and I always pray for you 2 times a day.
You are my great big TIGER.
Love you,
Abby I'm so happy for your great decision to get baptized and thanks so much for your great example of faith to me!!! I loved your example you shared for the spirit i wrote it down so i can teach that as the example to people. You just taught your brother something knew whose a missionary haha good job! But I remember how good Ifelt after I got baptized and I'm so happy you loved it Abby girl, thanks so much for your prayers. Abby they help me so much in the day, I love you soo much and pray for you everyday with school friends and every way you need!
Love you forever and always 
Your tiger Elder Drew Hunt

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