Wednesday, February 26, 2014

October 21, 2013

To answer your questions..
during the hurricane was the most peaceful day of my mission I just studied,listened to church artist and it felt so good with the wind haha it was a blessing for us cuz we don't have air conditioning. I wasn't his trainer I'm his second companion. 

That makes me so happy that John is home. I miss him and still do like crazy and I've decided I'm hugging you and dad first when I get off the plane then John cuz he is my hero. I love that kid so much I brag about him everyday whenever I can I love him so much just ask Elder Famasili haha I'm always talking about him!!!!

I did get the package thanks so much for the air heads, sweethish fish,garments and the 11 ties everything helped so much especially the garments cuz you sweat enough here let alone with small garments but actually ya if you could send the memory card both of mine got broke by the virus here in computers. cuz i haven't taken pics for like 4 weeks since the virus with my card happened its not the camera the camera is ok i just need to buy another one or see if i can reformat the ones i have.
 k gotta go baptize:) love ya bye

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