Sunday, April 7, 2013

March 6, 2013 Mail XD

Dear Family and Friends,

Dad that's awesome to hear about Ziggy and the family and Germany! 

 Joshy! the ties I had on the bin on my bed I really didn't want anyone to wear, pero if you promise not to tie barrel knots you can wear any of them keep them clean ok.. AND ABSOLUTELY NO BARRELL KNOTS LOL! Everything else yes you can wear, even the diamond sweater, pero if you loose it you will experience the deepest wrath of the portion of my heart dedicated to that sweater lol(the blue argyle one) but everything else yes but don't loose it pleeease por wue.  I love you a ton!!! Good luck with Germany though that will be super fun man and the mtc is great!!! Take Simon to a view of the valley. Josher I totally trust whatever you put on there the blog and facebook. Please put the mission address on the blog. Also have people send me letters through dear elder, mom would be able to explain it better than me. 

 Jakey, Hey buberboosker!!! Thanks so much for emailing me bud I miss you, Abby, and Josh a lot!!! Ya you can have all the Riverton stuff!! And basically anything you and Josh want to wear go for it!!!! But Jakey the food is really good, chocolate milk everyday, every meal! I'll send the family a pic of my favorite meal, I ate so much food hahaha Well time to guess how much weight I've gained drum rol..... like three pounds lol no biggey, pero volleyball is so much fun!!!! I play everyday except for p-day and Sunday it's the best thing ever. 

 Also we had a 70 and Elder Ballard come which was super awesome!!! I got to sing in the choir it was super cool!! Elder Porter and I are getting along great, we have both been humbled here in the MTC and we are dedicated to the work I saw Trennen Leavitt again!! Super cool!:D Also send a friend request to he's a red head it might just be D. Marley Bell from Bountiful that would be awesome me and him are super close he's like my best friend now and we are so stoked we both got to the mtc at the same time to get to know each other so well he's awesome. I'll upload pics and then send me a dear elder for any other questions and I'll answer them via letter. Abby you're so beautiful and I love you, keep playing my tiger;) The work is awesome and I'm so excited to serve the people de Mexico!!! VIVA MEXICO!!;) Y no empty seats!!:) Elder D Hunt

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