Sunday, April 7, 2013

March 27, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I did absolutely loved my birthday stuff.  "God so loved the world he gave Drew his Mom and Dad (john 3:16;)to send mambas, byu hoodies, and awesome Rise  Volleyball shirt! (absolutely genius) Gummy bears and the best brownies to touch the face of the earth! "

I saw Elder Christensen and the Elder from Hawaii from "the district" !!! Super cool, I also saw Katty on the language program so tell her that it's called TALL the Spanish computer course we practice on. Brother Dunn's son is also in chapter 10 of PMG and the Garner's are in the importance of investigators ch 11.. I think but there in it its an older pic when tanner was really young but that was cool and Richie's the missionary which was cool.

I'm getting kicked off ttys. btw we got our visas and as far as travel plans its gonna be Monday most likely we leave I got a phone card and it might be at 4 in the morning when I call. You love me right :D haha And also this has been the happiest week of my life bar none, I kid you not. Thanks so much for your prayers I've been so happy lately!!! And when I got my visa I was going nutso!!! We also went to slc to the Mexican consulate which was cool too we talked to people on the trax it was fun no crazy stories but it was awesome stopped off at the taco shop in SLC oh man I'm stoked but ya g2g adios!

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