Sunday, April 7, 2013

March 20, 2013

Hey Mom and Dad, and fam,

 Ya that's crazy about Sister Bowman tell her congrats!!! Ya the language is coming slowly, but surely we committed the investigator to baptism. The one that your teacher taught in the mission based off how they would have received it.  I can teach in Spanish pretty comfortably the hard part is conversational Spanish! And the anti-gravity pics were a blast!!! Way cool about the shoes though!! Ya right now it's kinda hard Satan's working on me any way he can and I'm exhausted all the time, but I'm doing my best showing my faith to our father in heaven and I know like it says in Ether 12:6 he'll deliver.

   Another district in our zone got there visas a week after they were supposed to leave which is good to hear just that they only had to wait a week. I got released from district Leader since I served for four weeks and they switch half way but Elder Olsen the Elder with the glasses with me and him hugging in suits is the new District Leader and he's an awesome kid!!!

 I'm going to send a box of stuff home so I'll send you more on that next week but basically I give it to the post office and you pick it up at a company in Provo.  Thanks so much for the  packages they were so exciting to get. I'm loving the Mambas. Can you send everyone's notes from my setting apart, that would be awesome! 

 I love you all so much it's so exciting to be on a mission, it's just hard to loose yourself when you can't teach real people and everything at the MTC is for you, But I love you all so much you two are amazzzzzing parents and I'm so lucky you taught me the way you did to value the gospel! Love, Elder Hunt 

(pictures, the guy on his back will play for BYU football when he gets back from his mission, Drew got his first buzz haircut, and crazy times in the MTC)


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