Sunday, March 3, 2013

Feb 27, 2013

Hola, todos mi familia!

Sorry Mom I thought my mail would have come by now I hand wrote two letters so IDK . Our visas will hopefully work out they another district in our zone going to Mexico left right after the six weeks so hopefully they had to go to get their visas approved in salt lake so we'll see. But the first week was a roller coaster. The main head honcho over the missionary department came and spoke on Sunday and M. Russel Ballard came yesterday!!! The first speaker talked about five different stages of the MTC

1) the honey moon stage when you're so excited

2)the hostile stage where you want to sell your companion

and three others that made me laugh and I could partially relate to. Elder Porter is a good kid he has a strong desire to serve and is well prepared. So rumor on the street is correct, I got asked to be District Leader second day which has been kinda overwhelming by itself let alone, trying to adjust to my new life. The first two days were really good then the next three were super hard just with getting down on myself with the language, I talked to a member of our branch presidency who's been called as a mission president and he said, " You come from the world of sports, you're used to competing and comparing yourself and you can't do that with the language because you won't speak the language well for six months bottom line." So that was pretty comforting, but the mission life as far as the language is concerned is muy defecil!!!!! It's super hard and tiring, Estoy cansado todos tiempo haha. 

Please send a watch!!!! Haha I need one pretty bad and thanks so much John for the shirt I'm wearing it right now. 

Mom you are an angel for helping me with  packing so well, I'm so prepared thanks to you! Especially the detergent that was perfect quantity!! 

Please also send me a hoodie if that wouldn't be too much of a hassle or drop it off idk if you can do that somehow, but it's cold and I don't have a coat lol. 

But I'm so excited to serve!!! Elder Hollister played drums for Ozzy Osborne!! He is a super cool guy and he got called to be a Bishop when he had hair down to his shoulders and so he cut his hair and has been serving diligently ever since! He gave super powerful talks! Oh Brother Gerke from the national jamboree our adviser is in the Branch Presidency also!!! So that was pretty neat!!! 

So I guess our mission boundaries have been adjusted so IDK what's the deal with that haha.

But even though it's a little discouraging right now I have faith that Christ's love will carry me through it and help me grow into the mold of a missionary he wants me to be.

I love you all dearly and miss ya like crazy!!!

Love Elder Drewster Hunt:D

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