Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Hey Family and friends,
Thanks for all the info that's awesome to hear about the family and that  Simon (our German Student) loved Utah and that you all had such a good influence on him! Way cool with Kailey too! They speak really fast Spanish, the area that I am in is the fastest speaking in the whole mission. It is hard because I want so bad to carry on a conversation with everyone.  But that's really comforting about the temple that you felt Ill be a great missionary.  I know the gospels true, I love the savior and want to continue to come to know him more. I love you all so much, you've meant so much to me in my life and I'm so grateful for you as my family and parents.
Love you all Elder Hunt

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  1. Elder Hunt,
    Love you pics. Keep up the good work. We are proud of you and praying for you.
    Aunt Fay