Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 23, 2013

From a missionary serving in his area..he is serving just a little south Culiacan in Costa Rica)

 "There was a lot of damage,The worst part is that there is a giant canal here and it overflowed and went to the houses and just ran right through them. The
 water was up to the peoples waists. A good amount of the members got water
 in there houses and just ruined everything. couches, clothes, everything.
 It was super sad to see the things that they have lost. But it has been
 amazing to see how humble these people are! They are so strong. They have
 lost so many things but yet they are so happy. But it made me realize how great the people are here. They know that the worldly things don't matter, and they were all just happy to be alive. These past 2 days all we have been doing is service! It's great. and crazy. Seeing their houes filled with inches of
 mud and water. and some of the houses don't have concert floors. so it's
 just mud. I love giving service to the people. It makes me so happy to help
 them. I love seeing the happiness and joy in the faces of the people. I'm
 glad to be here serving in this area. To have the opportunity to be able to
 serve the people here. Whether it's spiritually or physically.
 We were without electricity for a day and water for 2 days. 
(so for family and friends, Elder Drew's area was not hit that bad, in his mission there were places that were completely wiped out.) 
The hurricane hit us but it really was just a lot of rain.. it did a lot of damage in other parts of Sinaloa but here in Culican some colonies got a lot worse than others we were completely fine we had to stay inside all day but it was a good day: read a lot, wrote letters and it felt so good with the rain haha at first they told us it was a cyclone and for us that's really all it was but it was a hurricane and we were just further out so it was just really windy and rainy the only thing we had to do was put like 10 pots out to catch the drips 

It was super cool the other week we were walking to the district meeting and a lady popped her head out the door and said le habla! she's talking to you. So we turned around we were with the hermanas cuz they didn't know how to get to the chapel. And a super sweet older lady said come in Mormons so i kinda laughed thinking oh man that's all we need is another catholic to try and bash with us then she said"I have to show you something I love dearly" and she turns around slowly taking out a liahona in her hand and she said "I have read this for 5 years over and over and it is the most accurate doctrine of any church I have ever found."  She asked us where the church there was so we told her and she asked if she could join our church we laughed and said Certainly!!!!  Then I asked her where she got the liahona and she said a man who was shipping dairy products to her little shop had it and he gave it to her. From that seed planted 5 years ago and an inspired district leader Elder Famasili who for "some reason" felt like we should have the district meeting in their chapel again when we usually switch every week a Daughter of God has a baptism date and will soon be a member of the church. The lord truly does bless us and his children even when were not looking for it, he puts us in the path of others looking for the truth.
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Drew and his love for life
 with a member who got their mission call

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