Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy Labor Day

 Hey Hey,

 Well i will sum up this week from a phrase from one of my favorite prophets Moroni in ether 4:6 and i quote"TIGHT LIKE UNTO A DISH" super tight! We led the zone in lessons we worked very hard.               
            Bishop Hernandez is awesome he is so pumped to work and help us with the mission work. he and his family are really stepping it up they invited a family to their house and we had dinner and they had legitimate interest that we didnt have to use our gnarly conversation gospel, conversation skills and I am excited to see how that goes. well i went a week with out a Mexican telling me i look like Jim Carey,Nicholas Cage or Mr Bean... all look very different from each other. haha 
I had an awesome experience with the power of fasting this week. I fasted because a hermana asked me to give her a blessing the next day because she is going through a hard time. It was the most clearly I have ever given a blessing it flowed very well and i mentioned things i didn't think about b4 the blessing in preparation. AAAAnd i touched a shovel three times this week and a saw and paint so it was a very good week we had 4 service projects and still cranked out 30 lessons. 
Back to fasting haha i didn't even fast for our investigators it was specially for a sister but i know that the lord blessed us with two baptismal dates that day for the sacrifice. But it came through the courage to ask the person in the other room(the person you weren't planing on teaching ) To come in and in those two lessons someone will receive celestial rewards because i was willing to go out of my way when i was exhausted and focused on someone else. 
The lord really does put the means out there but he also pushes us to the max to get there! I talked football for an hour with the assistant Elder Cozza it was awesome to get all the football out of me haha!!!  I miss I the family, volleyball ,Utah in general, a lot of things, freaking air conditioning haha thats such a foreign term oh haha. We had no power for a few days, I slept in 90 degrees without a fan and of course with out ac and i used a wet rag that froze throughout the day in the freezer to keep me from death... good times lol haha. 
But back to the point I MISS You A LOT but ive never been more PURE in my life even though i dont have the relationship i desire with the lord im getting there and i know he loves me for it. I love the members so much its hard getting so close to leave like that. but we actually have stake conference next week and im gona see navolato o0n sunday so im excited!

here is a wonderful piña colada recipe for smart people hahah
1/4 of a pineaple
3 liters of water
1/2 a liter of pineapple  juice
1 cup of sugar
2 limes i made that up idk how many till it tastes like the fruit of the tree of life:D
1/2 a cup of cream of cocanut

We had Elder De Hoyos from the 70 come to our mission this week and we had an awesome inside of the work of how we need to work with the members. everything is reference based now which is kinda nuts but really this is the way the lords work should be every member with a responsibility to bring souls to Christ. Elder de Hoyos was very impressed at my participation in the conference and so his wife after the conference was thanking me for my thoughts and we started talking me her and elder de Hoyos and she told me she liked me a lot so we took a picture haha you have no idea how cool i felt with my arm around a 70 in a picture! Ohhh and then at the lunch after i got to talk with all my buds in the mission which was super fun then when sister Velez was serving me I joked that I can handle the extra's, she laughed and said for a tall handsome missionary who will burn it off a lot better than the rest of us you need it and she gave me another slice hahah shes such a doll, i love her to death i feel like im talking to grandma when i talk to her shes just to sweet and we always laugh around each other.

After the conference when i was talking with Elder and Sister de Hoyos, hermana Velez joined us too and she just came up to me with the biggest smile and yelled ahhh Elder Hunt how are you! and i yelled Hermana Velez so much better now! and she laughed and she said i just love you and i said hermana well i just love you and your husband to death and its so hard talking to someone i love like my mom or grandma and cant give you a hug and she said with the sweetest like in her eyes elder i love you and one day we will ahh she is so sweet she really is an adopted grandma!!!!! and it was so sweet watching sweet President Velez sing "I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord" with all his love for this work ahhh it was an awesome day"!!!!!!oh Elder Hymas is hunters age he is fresh in the field he played on the Idaho volleyball team.

Love you,
Elder Drew
no empty seats

Elder Faamausili with Elder De Hoyos and his wife. He his a Seventy

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