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August 12, 2013

Orale familia pues les amo muchisimo y estoy super stoked(therez animado but not a word that does a justice to stoked) a estar aqui in cañadas!
 So ya Cañadas is a colony of Culiacan and we went today to office depot in centro and it was missionary heaven i bought pens scripture tabs ah man oh and ah despicable mi 2 folder I am so mad i have to wait for that.
 It was really fun i like my new district its half of the zone haha were 8. 4 hermanas and 2 companion ships of elders. Elder Fa Masili is our district leader he was a zone leader but got released since he goes home soon hes super cool he is hilarious ripped and reminds me a lot of randy just an awesome kid all around tell randy i said that hahah but im excited me and him are going on splits next week and hey im getting a new fan that works haha so when its 95 degrees in the middle of the night i don't faint from sweating so much. True story by the way almost died. k no almost fainted but its soooo fetching hot here sweat literally drips off you nose the only time i've sweated this bad is wearing a football helmet and even then you have a sweat rag and dry your face and i kid you not in 10 seconds sweat is streaming literally down your face and off your nose.
The ward here is a little smaller than Navolato it has about 70 every week, 40 last week and they don't even have enough priesthood to have quorums so they just have everyone in priesthood stay together which is like 4 young men and 3 men its crazy they dont even have a young men leader cuz they literally don't have the need for one. but we meet in the stake building which the chapel is gorgeous and its got a really cool court and ya its actually in the stake of Navolato and we have a stake conference this cambuio so ill be able to see the members from Navolato which im very excited for!

But Cañadas is all hills. I kid you not imagine the alpine hill but that's every street without exaggeration its crazy my legs are ripped haha they fill out the legging of my pants completely they barely fit haha it just make me laugh going from Navolato with bikes and flat flat road then coming to Cañadas which itself is the hottest part of the mission cuz its in Culiacan with the pavement and its all crazy steep hills everywhere in the hottest part of the year hahah it just makes me laugh my luck there. But we have awesome investigators if me and Elder Aragon work super hard and most importantly are obedient we really think we will get 6 baptisms this transfer and calculated a possible 14 realistically its crazy but the 2 most prepared are a young couple  they have a little 5 month and are awesome He is super funny were super tight like unto a dish ether 4:6 hahah fun fyi here haha is jaja cuz j makes an h fun fact haha anyway they already have prayed and received answers this is the only true church that president Monson is the Prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon is true but hes been in 7 churches so is investigating thoroughly b4 his baptism and doesn't want to be pressured but already goes to church every week he just said its a matter of time and his wife already wants to get baptized haha.

 There is 13 year old almost as tall as me who we just have to get permission from his parents. We are teaching a super nice Jehovah witness shes awesome and were sharpening our bible skills we have a cita with her tomorrow it was cool i felt i should contact here a few days ago when i saw her in the street and shes super interested also another young man who agrees with everything is just scared to get baptized. and ya those are the priorities right now. but our new bishop is super chill haha hes just a very relaxed guy very nice hes awesome and our ward mission leader really works hard with us.
I was playing with this super cute kid and his mom said your kids will never be bored they'll always be laughing and  they'll never ask to go to the park or things like that cuz ill exhaust them with playing haha it was an awesome compliment.  Its funny a culture thing here is body language is used a lot more like there are signs with fingers that mean yes no share it haha its funny and if any one has the slightest thing on their hands they give you their fore arm it happens a lot here its kinda strange and funny.

but I have got rashes because its so humid you sweat like crazy and so hot the sweat separates into salt and dries on my sheets ill send a pic and in the streets the sweat chafes from drying and causes these rashes its a pain but the heat is unreal I have never appreciated air conditioning more in my life which we don't have and luckily the only temperature of water we have is freezing cuz its so hot haha. but we have a pretty big house its 2 stories and has 4 rooms two for each of us and 2 we use with our clothes. then a kitchen bathroom and study room its nice to have so much room. holy cow we had a rain storm this is the rain season and its such a relief in the moment but the heat and humidity the next day is unreal we seriously have to ask for water in the streets or else we would pass out but we went on splits yesterday with a kid in the ward. He is suuuuuuuper cool he got his call to Santiago Chile he went with us to one of his friends were teaching and i kid you not hes already a better missionary than me and Elder Aragon combined hes a lot like Chad Wilson just super chill and way nice and ya hes the bomb haha he leaves in November and hes gonna start joining us for our companionship study so he can start getting used to what its like and we have another 18 year old sending in his papers who wants to come with us everyday till school which is awesome and we have 3 sisters in the ward their Chinese and Mexican them and their parents have lived here their whole lives but their grandparents are Chinese so its weird they look Chinese and are i guess but speak Spanish it throws me off haha but they are awesome they come with us like 4 times a week to lessons so the support from the ward is here and they're very involved so its only a matter of time for the miracles now!" But we were waiting for someone at Walmart while it was down poring and we were sitting under the ac one of the only times I have felt it in a very long time right under the moving doors haha and they had a lot of shopping carts so me and one of the young man  looked at each other with out saying anything ran and starting helping the worker with the carts in the rain and he was blown away we would help him let alone in the rain and it was just super fun. He is such a stud he speaks English pretty well and I am gonna give him my English hymn book with my name on it cuz he said he wanted an English hymn book and they are very humble circumstances so I am gonna surprise him with it.
Love you all.
Elder Drew Hunt

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