Tuesday, September 10, 2013

August 19, 2013

BBBBBBuuuuuuEEEEEEEEEEEnnnnnnOOOOOOsss tardes xD
Pues esta semana era the bomb! haha me and my handy companion el espiritu set four baptism dates all within this transfer!!! We went on splits with our district leader Elder Famasili whose a stud he reminds me so much of randy, he is an awesome missionary i think he is the best missionary in the mission he is just a stud. We were going to contact an investigator and i didnt know the area too well since it was the second week of the transfer and so we contacted the wrong house but the lady who lived there ended up being super golden and we went back yesterday and while my comp was talking with our district leader on the phone I taught her lesson one and asked her to pray to know if she should be baptized and that if she recieved an answer be baptized in two weeks and she accepted!!!!! It shows that dilligence truly does bring blessings!!!! With  another investigator  she has had the missionaries for 5 months and i had no idea but i challenged her to baptism and she accepted and a date too haha and we taught an awesome 13 year old who is taller than jake he is huge and his mom said he had to change before he got baptized and so they started arguing and it wasnt going well then i started trying to calm down the situation and before i knew what had happened i had made a chart with the things his mom wanted him to improve on and a two week calander with a contract that if he was obedient for 2 weeks he could get baptized. After the lesson i was like what in good gravy just happened!!! I am not that creative the spirit absolutely took over a situation that was about to hit the fan and at the end he had a baptism date it was super cool!!!! And we set another fecha with a the mom and the couple i told you guys about. And she has visted with the missionaries for 2 motnhs and never really sparked her attention till one of the members who is awesome went and visited her and when she left she felt the spirit super strong and said she felt like she was walking on clouds and i went on splits with  a guy in the ward whose aweeeeesome and we set a baptism date with her. And my legs hurt cuz we sprinted a mile up and down the crazy hills of CaƱadas to get to a lesson last night haha. But the work is awsome i get here on mondays and its like uhhhhh what should i saw, cuz everyday the lord is building me and his kingdom and its awesome! But its craaaaazy hot the lowest it got last NIGHT was 91 fechin degrees its so hot and of course we dont have AC and my fan barely works hahaha. But ive made a goal this week that helps especially when youre exhausted to boost your spirits is what i think the most important key indicador is as a missionary how many smiles you can get in a day!!!! I love it making people smile has made me feel so much more accomplished in the moment of a very long day in a very hot mexico!!!! A I shared dc 122 with an hermana and when she read oh god where art thou in dc 121 1 she burst out into tears the poor hermana is going through a hard time but is such a stalwart her faith has strengthened my testimony tons!!!
 Theres a family here  and they call me their son so suffice to say we get along super well haha and there getting married in three months and will probably get baptized after which is super exciting. Dude so there was a guy who my comp started talking to, come to find out this guy drinking on the side of the road he kills people in the drug mobs... things for a living and wants to change his life and was drinking and doing cocaine literally three feet in front of me just sniffing away it was the biggest eye opener ever to this world hahah were not in Utah any more todo!!!! I don't know if i told you guys but the last week in Navolato i made a sister cry singing silent night in English that was super cool! hahah everyone here thinks I am 21-30 and i say 19 and no one believes me.  Thank you for the package. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvved the candy and mambas hahaha hey and we went to walmart today it was so weird feeling normal again hahah .
ummmm.... oh at the zone conference everyone snatched the pics of Christ you sent hahah so if you could send more small ones that is the perfect gift to an investigator. oh i was so excited though it was like Christmas i bought together forever, finding faith in christ and another haha aaaand a big spanish hymn book and a case for it but i gave it away that night to a investigator when she accepted a baptism date haha so im gona buy another one cuuuz i dont have one anymore lol but it was totally worth it!!!! It was awesome though yesterday we taught 7 lessons in 9 hours and thats with walking like 4 miles, not too bad!!!! 
But its so exciting to see how much potential we can have as missionaries it really takes a lot of creativity to be a good missionary im definitely feeling ether 12 27 hes given me weaknesses so i come to him my loving dad for advice!!!! But I love it the work is great we have tons to do and oh crazy change in the mission so President decided that we cant contact people in the streets anymore unless we feel prompted which is a huge bummer cuz i love contacting and have had quite a bit of success from it but the purpose it to be focused on the lessons and working with the members and were not supposed to have lessons without a member which is gonna take a ton of communication and planning but its exciting how the missions changing. The best feeling at the end of the day is dreading the thought of sleeping cuz i just want to teach people about Christ and happiness we have in him and then by the time my head hits the pillow i zonk out cuz im just drained hahaha but its awesome and mom and dad thanks so much for the sweet blue shirt and the volleyball pictures the members love them and they're like hey you used to be strong lol. But on splits with Elder Famasili after the last lesson he said" dude you have this area unlocked and i asked what he meant and he said you've only been in this area for a week and you can already tell that your so deeply engraved in the members and investigators hearts thats something very rare its an incredible gift of the spirit and you will be an incredible missionary because of it!" it just about made me die and go to heaven i was so happy hearing that from the ammon of our day!!!! But man the mission is so much fun once you learn how to speak spanish everything starts falling into place!!!!!
Love you all 
Elder Drew Hunt

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