Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 16, 2013

The coolest experience was with a lady we are teaching. Shes a single mom with a daughter who is 14 and son who 9 and the cutest little girl ever whose 2. She has a  boyfriend but we had her pray to receive an answer to her prayers if she should marry him or break up, so she can get baptized. She said she felt an overwhelming spirit that told her its time to break up and everything will be ok.  Shes so over joyed right now and she hasn't told her boyfriend yet cuz she wanted to tell him in person and she hasn't seen him in a while. But shes so cool she lived in Colorado for 6 years I think so we talk in English a lot really sweet lady. She is so excited to get baptized and her son  is so anxious to get baptized he asks us every lesson if he really has to wait 5 weeks to get baptized. It is a new rule in all Mexico you have to go to church 5 times b4 baptism. and her little daughter and me always play together she's adorable. Later on in the week when we went to see her, she said every time we come she doesn't want us to leave cuz she loves the spirit we bring with us. She said the sweetest prayer the other day and cried for a minute straight in the middle of the prayer with out words and it was a very sweet spirit. I love obedience its so beautiful in our lives. . But ya so they're the 3 baptism dates and we have a fhe with a anonther sister,  she is golden and truly looking for the truth.

 haha we had to experiences with drunks this week and the one he gave me a kiss on the cheek and fore head three times then asked if i could give him one on the cheek and I tried explaining no, then he started getting mad so I did and then all was well haha he was the dad of one of the families we were teaching. I drew a Mr bean and pink panther on balloons  for a girl in the ward. I will send you pictures.
Love Elder Drew
No empty Seats

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